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Prof Kushal Sen

Professor (HAG) Textile Fibres, Textile Chemical Processing, Textu... View Profile

Prof Ashwini. K. Agrawal

Professor (HAG) Smart Textile Materials based on shape changing, N... View Profile

Prof R. Chattopadhyay

Professor (HAG) Product design, Process & quality control in spi... View Profile

Prof Manjeet Jassal

Professor (HAG) Synthetic thickeners based on acrylic/methacrylic ... View Profile

Prof Apurba Das

Professor (HAG) Clothing comfort, nonwovens and technical textiles... View Profile

Prof S.M. Ishtiaque

Professor Structural Properties of Yarns, New Spinning Techn... View Profile

Prof B.K. Behera

Professor Structure-property relationship, Fabric Manufactur... View Profile

Prof Mangala Joshi

Professor Structure-properpty correlation waste management t... View Profile

Prof Bhanu Nandan

Professor Fibre Science and Technology, Self-Assembly in Pol... View Profile

Prof Rajiv K. Srivastava

Professor Fibre Science and Technology, Biodegradable Polyme... View Profile

Prof Amit Rawal

Professor Fabric Manufacturing, Nonwovens, Structural Mechan... View Profile

Prof Samrat Mukhopadhyay

Professor Textile Chemical Processing, Natural Fibers & Modi... View Profile

Prof Bhuvanesh Gupta

Professor Polymer functionalisation, Biomaterials, Sutures, ... View Profile

Prof Abhijit Majumdar

Professor Fabric Manufacturing, Yarn and fabric manufacturin... View Profile

Prof Sourabh Ghosh

Professor Medical Textiles, Biomaterials, Tissue engineerin... View Profile

Prof Dipayan Das

Professor Textile Engineering, Nonwoven Products & Processes... View Profile

Prof R. Alagirusamy

Professor Yarn Manufacturing, Textile Preforms for Composite... View Profile

Prof Deepti Gupta

Professor Textile Chemistry, Antimicrobial Finishing, Anthro... View Profile

Prof Bhupendra Singh Butola

Associate Professor Textile Chemistry, Textile Chemical Processing, Pr... View Profile

Prof Javed Nabibaksha Sheikh

Associate Professor Chemical Processing of Textiles, Sustainable chemi... View Profile

Prof Md. S. Wazed Ali

Assistant Professor Chemical Processing of Textiles, Eco-friendly / Gr... View Profile

Prof Vijaykumar Narayandas Baheti

Assistant Professor Advanced materials utilizing fibrous industrial wa... View Profile

Prof Sumit Sinha Ray

Assistant Professor Air/water filtration; Thermal management of microe... View Profile

Prof Harun Venkatesan

Assistant Professor Bioinspired, Textiles Recombinant Silks, Fibre Spi... View Profile

Prof R.S. Rengasamy

Retired Professor Garment technology,Fibre composites... View Profile