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Prof Amruta Mishra

Professor Nuclear and particles physics: hot and dense hadro... View Profile

Prof M. R. Shenoy

Professor Guided Wave Optics, Optoelectronics, Optoelectroni... View Profile

Prof A. K. Shukla

Professor Laser, Semiconductor & Superconductors, Raman Spec... View Profile

Prof P. Senthilkumaran

Professor Optical beam shaping singularities,berry and panch... View Profile

Prof Dalip Singh Mehta

Professor Bio-photonics: Optical Coherence tomography and Op... View Profile

Prof Hitendra Kumar Malik

Professor Particle Acceleration using Lasers and Microwaves;... View Profile

Prof Aloka Sinha

Professor Liquid crystals, Optical image processing, Liquid ... View Profile

Prof Santanu Ghosh

Professor Nano Photonic,nonlinear Optics and Quantum Functio... View Profile

Prof Varsha Banerjee

Professor Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Statistical ... View Profile

Prof Amita Das

Professor Nonlinear and turbulent phenomena in laboratory, a... View Profile

Prof Rajendra Singh

Professor III-Nitrides based materials and devices, Semicond... View Profile

Prof J. P. Singh

Professor Nanostructures growth by Chemical vapor deposition... View Profile

Prof R. K. Varshney

Professor Optical Fibre Communication, Integrated Oprics, Fi... View Profile

Prof Mukesh Chander Bhatnagar

Professor Thin film gas sensors, Synthesis of Nano wires and... View Profile

Prof Sankalpa Ghosh

Professor Broad Area: Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics: ... View Profile

Prof Ajit Kumar

Professor Solitors, Chaos,Non-linear Directional Couplers, S... View Profile

Prof Pankaj Srivastava

Professor Nano-Science and Technology, Experimental Solid St... View Profile

Prof G.B. Reddy

Professor Micro computer based modelling of optical devices,... View Profile

Prof V. Ravishankar

Professor Hight Energy Physics, Quantum Information... View Profile

Prof B.D. Gupta

Professor plasmonics, fiber optic sensors and nanotechnology... View Profile

Prof Pranaba Kishor Muduli

Professor Spin torque induced magnetization dynamics, Spintr... View Profile

Prof R.K. Soni

Professor Photolumensecenece and raman spectroscopy, Laser P... View Profile

Prof Saswata Bhattacharya

Associate Professor Area of interest: Condensed matter theory, First-p... View Profile

Prof Sunil Kumar

Associate Professor Light control in photonic structures, physics at n... View Profile

Prof Dhaka Rajendra Singh

Associate Professor Single crystal growth (Fe-based superconductors, T... View Profile

Prof Kedar Bhalchandra Khare

Associate Professor Optics/Photonics, Computational Imaging, Inverse P... View Profile

Prof Marshal

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Prof Bhaskar Kanseri

Associate Professor Optics and photonics, Quantum Science and Technolo... View Profile

Prof Rahul Suresh Marathe

Associate Professor Non-equilibrium statistical Physics and Biophysics... View Profile

Prof Hemanta Kumar Kundu

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Condensed Matter Physics... View Profile

Prof Rohit Narula

Assistant Professor Theoretical development, simulation and experiment... View Profile

Prof Sujin B. Babu

Assistant Professor Soft condensed Matter, Biophysics and Fluid dynami... View Profile

Prof Brajesh Kumar Mani

Assistant Professor Computational Condensed Matter Physics: First-prin... View Profile

Prof Pintu Das

Assistant Professor Magnetism at nanometer scale,Low-frequency (1 mHz ... View Profile

Prof Vikrant Saxena

Assistant Professor Computational plasma physics, laser-plasma interac... View Profile

Prof Santra Bodhaditya

Assistant Professor Cold atom quantum technology... View Profile

Prof Sujit Manna

Assistant Professor Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Topological... View Profile

Prof Tobias Toll

Assistant Professor Phenomenology of the strong force at small x... View Profile

Dr Pradipta Ghosh

Assistant Professor Phenomenological analyses of physics beyond the St... View Profile

Prof Joyee Ghosh

Assistant Professor Quantum Information Technologies,Photonics,Atomic,... View Profile

Prof Aditya Narain Agnihotri

Assistant Professor Physics... View Profile

Prof Deepak Kumar

Assistant Professor Physics... View Profile

Prof Sarthak Parikh

Assistant Professor AdS/CFT correspondence, Conformal field theory, p-... View Profile

Prof Kaushik Sen

Assistant Professor Quantum materials confocal, Raman scattering, X-ra... View Profile

Prof Suprit Singh

Assistant Professor Physics... View Profile

Prof Vishal K Vaibhav

Assistant Professor Nonlinear Optics, Signal Processing, Numerical Met... View Profile

Prof Tarun Sharma

Assistant Professor String theory, Quantum field theories, Supersymmet... View Profile

Prof Kaustuv Manna

Assistant Professor Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Single crys... View Profile

Prof Manisha Thakurathi

Assistant Professor Physics... View Profile

Prof Abhishek Muralidhar Iyer

Assistant Professor Physics... View Profile

Prof Amartya Sengupta

Assistant Professor Ultrafast Optics, THz Spectroscopy and Imaging, Op... View Profile

Dr Mohd Zubair Ansari

Post-Doctoral Research Scientist Experimental Solid State Physics, Nanotechnology, ... View Profile

Prof Neeraj Khare

Professor (HAG) Nano-structure Functional Oxides, Dilute Magnetic ... View Profile

Prof Bodh Raj Mehta

Professor (HAG) Nanostructured Materials and Thin Films, Thin Film... View Profile

Prof Anurag Sharma

Professor (HAG) Optics: Fiber and Integrated Optics: Modelling and... View Profile

Prof Ratnamala Chatterjee

Professor (HAG) Experimental Solid State Physics, Magnetics, Super... View Profile

Prof Vijaya Prakash G

Professor (HAG) NanoPhotonics, nonlinear optics and quantum functi... View Profile

Prof Sujeet Chaudhary

Professor (HAG) Thin Film Growth - Sputtering; Spintronics, Magne... View Profile

Prof Joby Joseph

Professor (HAG) Photonic Crystals, Interference lithography, Digit... View Profile

Prof Arun Kumar

Former Faculty Electromagnetic Wave Propagation through Optical F... View Profile