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Prof S.C. Rao Sekhara

Professor Numerical analysis... View Profile

Prof Subiman Kundu

Professor Set-theoretic Topology, Function Space, Measure Th... View Profile

Prof A. Tripathi

Professor Number Theory, Combinatorics and Graph Theory... View Profile

Prof Niladri Chatterjee

Professor Machine Translation, Artificial Intelligence, Reas... View Profile

Prof S. Dharmaraja

Professor Statistical Data Analysis, Applied Probability, Qu... View Profile

Prof Konijeti Sreenadh

Professor Applied Nonlinear Functional analysis, Partial Dif... View Profile

Prof Bhawani Sankar Panda

Professor Graph Theory, Algorithms and Parallel Computing... View Profile

Prof Aparna Mehra

Professor Optimization Theory, Variational Inequalities, Mat... View Profile

Prof Rajendra Kumar Sharma

Professor Algebra and Cryptography.... View Profile

Prof Sivananthan Sampath

Professor Applied Harmonic Analysis, Inverse Problems, Learn... View Profile

Prof Mani Mehra

Professor Wavelets in Numerical Analysis, Wavelets in Partia... View Profile

Prof Ritumoni Sarma

Associate Professor Algebra... View Profile

Prof Aparajita Dasgupta

Associate Professor Harmonic Analysis, Pseudo-differential operators... View Profile

Prof Debdip Ganguly

Associate Professor Partial Differential Equations (PDEs), Nonlinear a... View Profile

Prof Biplab Basak

Associate Professor Algebraic Topology, Combinatorial Topology and Dis... View Profile

Prof Punit Sharma

Associate Professor Distance problems for matrix pencils and polynomia... View Profile

Prof Kamana Porwal

Associate Professor Finite element methods for PDEs and optimal contro... View Profile

Prof Anima Nagar

Associate Professor Dynamical Systems... View Profile

Prof Harish Kumar

Associate Professor Computational methods for Partial Differential Equ... View Profile

Prof Amit Priyadarshi

Associate Professor Fractal Dimensions, Positive Operators... View Profile

Dr Viswanathan Puthan Veedu

Associate Professor Approximation Theory, Fractal Functions... View Profile

Prof Neeraj Joshi

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Sequential Analysis, Statistical Inference, Relia... View Profile

Prof Ekata Saha

Assistant Professor Transcendental and analytic number theory... View Profile

Prof Biswjyoti Saha

Assistant Professor Number theory, Analytic Theory of Multiple Zeta f... View Profile

Prof Shiv Prakash Patel

Assistant Professor Representation theory, automorphic forms, Number t... View Profile

Prof Ashutosh Rai

Assistant Professor Theoretical Computer Science, NP-complete problems... View Profile

Prof Vivek Mukundan

Assistant Professor Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry... View Profile

Prof Vikas Vikram Singh

Assistant Professor Stochastic Games, Chance Constraints, Stochastic O... View Profile

Prof Ananta Kumar Majee

Assistant Professor Stochastic Conservation Laws; Stochastic Optimal C... View Profile

Prof N. Shravan Kumar

Assistant Professor Abstract Harmonic Analysis... View Profile

Prof V. V. K. Srinivas Kumar

Assistant Professor Computational Partial Differential Equations.... View Profile

Prof Minati De

Assistant Professor Advanced Data Structures, Analysis of Algorithms, ... View Profile

Prof Surjeet Kour

Assistant Professor Commutative Algebra, Group Theory... View Profile