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Prof Ravinder Kaur

Professor (HAG) Development and Environment Studies. Sociology of ... View Profile

Prof Purnima Singh

Professor (HAG) Group Processes, Justice, Identity, and Intergroup... View Profile

Prof Reetika Khera

Professor Public Health and Nutrition, Food Security, Gender... View Profile

Prof Kamlesh Singh

Professor Positive Psychology and its applications, Psychome... View Profile

Prof Farhana Ibrahim

Professor Study of borders, policing, migration and ethnogra... View Profile

Mr Arjun Ghosh

Professor Culture Studies, Performance Studies, Intellectual... View Profile

Prof Vibha Arora

Professor The intersection of Environmental Sociology, Ident... View Profile

Prof Pritha Chandra

Professor Syntactic Theory, Linguistic Typology, Biolinguist... View Profile

Prof Sanil V.

Professor Philosophy... View Profile

Prof Angelie Multani

Professor Indian literature in English, contemporary fiction... View Profile

Prof Jayan Jose Thomas

Professor Indian Economy, Macroeconomics, Development Econom... View Profile

Prof Tomy C A

Professor Philosophy... View Profile

Prof Gufran Sayeed Khan

Professor Diffractive and Aspheric Optics, Metrology of Asph... View Profile

Prof Abhijit Banerji

Professor Economics... View Profile

Dr Shinod N. K.

Post Doctoral Fellow History and Philosophy of Science... View Profile

Prof Rukmini Bhaya Nair

Emeritus Professor Techno-cultures, gender and creative writing. Narr... View Profile

Prof Sarbeswar Sahoo

Associate Professor Pentecostal Christianity, Post-colonial State, Civ... View Profile

Prof Debasis Mondal

Associate Professor Macroeconomics, International economics and Public... View Profile

Prof Richa Kumar

Associate Professor Sociology of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition, Scie... View Profile

Prof Simona Sawhney

Associate Professor learning and thinking at the intersections of poli... View Profile

Prof Milind Wakankar

Associate Professor Area of interest: Literature... View Profile

Prof Bharati Puri

Associate Professor Philosophy of Culture and History, Moral and Polit... View Profile

Prof Stuti Khanna

Associate Professor Cities, Modernism, Post-colonialism, South Asia, t... View Profile

Prof Divya Dwivedi

Associate Professor Philosophy of Literature (Classical Poetics, Germa... View Profile

Prof Paroma Sanyal

Associate Professor Area of interest: Linguistics... View Profile

Prof Sourabh Bikas Paul

Associate Professor Empirical Development, Trade Policy, Firm producti... View Profile

Prof Ankush Agrawal

Associate Professor Applied Econometrics and Development Economics, a... View Profile

Prof Naveen Thayyil Kamaluddin

Associate Professor intersection of three fields- Legal and political ... View Profile

Prof Varsha Singh

Associate Professor Area of interest: Psychology... View Profile

Prof Samar Husain

Associate Professor human sentence processing, natural language modeli... View Profile

Prof Saptarshi Mukherjee

Associate Professor Mechanism design, social choice, game theory, boun... View Profile

Prof Yashpal Ashokrao Jogdand

Associate Professor Self and identity, intergroup conflict, humiliatio... View Profile

Prof Mahuya Bandyopadhyay

Associate Professor Sociology of work, Sociology of Organisations, Gen... View Profile

Prof Deepak Alok

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Linguistics... View Profile

Prof Ashwini Vaidya

Assistant Professor Computational Linguistics... View Profile

Prof Sumitava Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Judgment and Decision Making... View Profile

Prof Arudra Venkata Burra

Assistant Professor Moral and political philosophy, philosophy of law,... View Profile

Prof Sisir Debnath

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Sumitash Jana

Assistant Professor Brain mechanism. Brain imaging, Brain stimulation,... View Profile

Prof Dickens Leonard

Assistant Professor Critical Theory and Contemporary Thought; Anti-cas... View Profile

Prof Rohit Kumar

Assistant Professor Econometrics, Empirical IO, Machine learning.... View Profile

Prof Madhulika Sonkar

Assistant Professor Sociology of Education, Gender studies, Urban anth... View Profile

Prof Ishan Anand

Assistant Professor Humanities... View Profile

Prof Don Wallace Freeman Dcruz

Assistant Professor Humanities... View Profile