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Dr Rangan Banerjee

Director Energy Management and Energy Efficiency, Demand Si... View Profile

Prof Viresh Dutta

Professor Solar Photovoltaics, Semiconductor nanoparticles a... View Profile

Prof Ramesh Narayanan 

Professor Plasma sources (dc/rf/microwave/ECR) in different ... View Profile

Prof D. K. Sharma

Professor Biomass, Petroleum, Nano-fuels, Biotechnology, Nan... View Profile

Prof Dibakar Rakshit

Professor Renewable Energy Research in Solar Thermal Heat Tr... View Profile

Prof Ashish Ganguli 

Professor Interaction of high power electromagnetic waves wi... View Profile

Prof Ashu Verma

Professor Power System Planning, Renewable Energy Systems, P... View Profile

Prof R. P. Sharma

Professor Energy Studies, Space Plasmas, Laser Plasma Intera... View Profile

Prof T.S. Bhatti

Professor Electrical Energy Systems, Reactive Power Compensa... View Profile

Prof Subhash Chandra Kaushik

Professor Thermal Science and Engineering, Solar Energy Util... View Profile

Prof K. A. Subramanian

Professor Internal Combustion Engines and Alternative Fuels,... View Profile

Prof Debaprasad Sahu

Associate Professor Plasma Physics, plasma spectroscopy and modelling ... View Profile

Prof Trilok Singh

Associate Professor Perovskite solar cell stability and efficiency; So... View Profile

Prof Ravi Kumar K

Associate Professor Design and development of solar thermal energy sys... View Profile

Dr Bibhuti Bhusan Sahu

Associate Professor Plasma Science and Technology, Material science, P... View Profile

Prof S. K. Tyagi

Associate Professor Area of interest: Energy and Exergy Analyses, Sola... View Profile

Prof Supravat Karak

Associate Professor Organic electronics, OPVs,light emitting diode (OL... View Profile

Prof Vamsi K. Komarala  

Associate Professor Application of nano-science & plasmonics for enhan... View Profile

Prof Rabindra Mohanty

Assistant Professor Power Systems... View Profile

Prof Vipin Kumar

Assistant Professor Electrochemical energy storage using metal–sulfu... View Profile

Prof Subhendu Dutta

Assistant Professor Application of Power Electronics in Solar Photovol... View Profile

Prof Rahul Goyal

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Snehasish Panigrahy

Assistant Professor Combustion Science, Kinetic Modeling, CFD, Heat Tr... View Profile

Prof Sumit Kumar Chattopadhyay

Assistant Professor Power Electronics Converters, Renewable Energy, Sm... View Profile

Prof Kaushik Saha

Assistant Professor Two-phase flows in automotive and power generation... View Profile

Prof Sandeep Kumar Pathak

Assistant Professor Fabrication of perovskite based photovoltaic devic... View Profile

Prof Satyananda Kar

Assistant Professor Atmospheric Pressure Plasma (Biomedical applicatio... View Profile

Dr Sourav Mandal

Inspire Faculty Silicon Solar cells, Amorphous and microcrystallin... View Profile

Prof Vinod Kumar

Inspire Faculty Area of interest: Development of nano-structures, ... View Profile