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Prof Nalin Pant

Professor Theoretical and experimental studies on molecular ... View Profile

Prof V. Haridas

Professor Chemical biology of peptides and proteins. Biophys... View Profile

Prof Pravin Popinand Ingole

Professor Electrochemistry for Energy and Environment, Fabri... View Profile

Prof Ravi Shankar

Professor Inorganic Polymers, Organometallic Chemistry/ Coor... View Profile

Prof Shashank Deep

Professor Macromolecular Structures and Functions Using Mult... View Profile

Prof Sameer Sapra

Professor Synthesis and Applications of Nanocrystals, Nanocr... View Profile

Prof Narayanan D. Kurur

Professor Adiabatic Pulses in NMR,Cross Correlated Relaxatio... View Profile

Prof Hemant Kumar Kashyap

Professor All-atom, Coarse-grained and ab initio Molecular D... View Profile

Prof S. Nagendran

Professor synthesis of NHC analogues of heavier group 13 and... View Profile

Prof Nidhi Jain

Professor Palladium and copper assisted selective C-H functi... View Profile

Prof N.G. Ramesh

Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Carbohydrate Chemistr... View Profile

Prof D. Bandopadhyay

Professor Metalloporphyrin Chemistry, Metalloporphyrin Catal... View Profile

Prof Jai Deo Singh

Professor Inorganic chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistr... View Profile

Prof Pramit Kumar Chowdhury

Professor Area of interest: Physical and Biophysical Chemist... View Profile

Prof Kuntal Manna

Associate Professor Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, Metal-org... View Profile

Prof Tanmay Dutta

Associate Professor Regulation by Small RNAs in Bacteria, Biochemistry... View Profile

Prof Chinmoy K. Hazra

Associate Professor Asymmetric catalysis, Development of new synthetic... View Profile

Prof Ritu Gupta

Associate Professor Synthesis of nanomaterials and fabrication of func... View Profile

Prof Sudipta Raha Roy

Associate Professor Area of interest: Organic Synthesis, Catalysis an... View Profile

Prof Gholap Shivajirao Lahu

Associate Professor Natural product synthesis and their biological stu... View Profile

Prof Ravi P. Singh

Associate Professor Asymmetric Catalysis, C-H and C-F activation, Tota... View Profile

Prof Biju Basumatary

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Creating new porphyrinoid and polyaromatic hydroca... View Profile

Prof Sandeep Kumar Gupta

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Inorganic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry of Tra... View Profile

Prof Priyanka Verma

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) photo-active plasmonic metal nanocatalysts, porous... View Profile

Prof D. K. Bandyopadhyay

Assistant Professor Metalloporphyrin catalyzed oxidation reactions of ... View Profile

Prof M. Ramu Yadav

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Subrata Kundu

Assistant Professor Synthesis of compounds, applications of various in... View Profile

Prof Sayantan Paria

Assistant Professor Bioinorganic Chemistry, water oxidation catalyzed ... View Profile

Prof Soumik Siddhanta

Assistant Professor Integrative photonics solutions... View Profile

Prof Biswarup Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Polyoxometalate Based Hybrid Nanostructure, Bifunc... View Profile

Prof Vaitla Janakiram

Assistant Professor Sulfur ylide chemistry, Carbene mediated transform... View Profile

Prof Tarak Karmakar

Assistant Professor Molecular dynamics simulations, Enhanced Sampling,... View Profile

Prof Sajesh P. Thomas

Assistant Professor X-ray quantum crystallography studies of weak inte... View Profile

Prof Ajai Kumar Singh

Emeritus Professor Organochalcogen Ligand Chemistry, Designing of Met... View Profile

Prof A. Ramanan

Professor (HAG) Solid State Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Crysta... View Profile

Prof Anil Jacob Elias

Professor (HAG) Synthetic main group and organometallic Chemistry,... View Profile

Prof Siddharth Pandey

Professor (HAG) Optical spectroscopy, advanced fluorescence techni... View Profile

Prof S.K. Khare

Professor (HAG) Biochemistry, Enzyme Technology, Applied Microbiol... View Profile