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Prof Ashok N. Bhaskarwar

Professor (HAG) Foam-bed reactors; Dissolution kinetics; Thin film... View Profile

Prof Anurag Singh Rathore

Professor (HAG) Quality by Design (QbD), Process Analytical Tech... View Profile

Prof Suddhasatwa Basu

Professor (HAG) Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology.... View Profile

Prof Shantanu Roy

Professor (HAG) Area of interest: Non-invasive monitoring of multi... View Profile

Prof Ratan Mohan

Professor Process Engineering,Thermodynamics, Computational ... View Profile

Prof Rajesh Khanna

Professor Interfacial science and engineering, Thin Liquid F... View Profile

Prof Sharad K. Gupta

Professor Chemical Engineering... View Profile

Prof Shalini Gupta

Professor Area of interest: Colloidal interactions and Nanos... View Profile

Prof Manojkumar Charandas Ramteke

Professor Modeling and optimization of chemical and polymeri... View Profile

Prof Jayati Sarkar

Professor Area of interest: Instabilities, Adhesion, Debondi... View Profile

Prof Anil Kumar Saroha

Professor Multiphase Reactors, Multiphase Reactors, Environm... View Profile

Prof Vivek V. Buwa

Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics, Multiphase reactor e... View Profile

Prof Anil Verma

Professor Sustainable Environergy Electrochemical Systems, B... View Profile

Prof Sreedevi Upadhyayula

Professor Heterogeneous catalysis, Green industrial processe... View Profile

Prof Anupam Shukla

Professor Membrane Synthesis and Membrane Separation, Membra... View Profile

Prof Sudip K. Pattanayek

Professor Structure and dynamics of Proteins at Interfaces, ... View Profile

Dr Deepak Kumar

Post Doctoral Fellow ... View Profile

Dr Tuhin Suvra

Post Doctoral Fellow ... View Profile

Dr Ms. Anushree

Post Doctoral Fellow ... View Profile

Dr Jisha Babu

Post Doctoral Fellow ... View Profile

Dr Ms. Srishti Joshi

Post Doctoral Fellow ... View Profile

Dr Ashish Singh Chauhan

Post Doctoral Fellow ... View Profile

Dr S Yadav

Post Doctoral Fellow ... View Profile

Dr Dau Tapas Kumar Dora

Post Doctoral Fellow ... View Profile

Dr Somesh Mishra

Post Doctoral Fellow ... View Profile

Prof K.D.P. Nigam

Honorary Professor Mixing and Multiphase Reactors, Modeling of flow s... View Profile

Prof Mohammad Ali Haider

Associate Professor Solid oxide fuel cells, Heterogeneous catalysis, B... View Profile

Prof Munawar A. Shaik

Associate Professor Process systems engineering, Process operations, P... View Profile

Prof Jyoti Phirani

Associate Professor Flow through porous media, Reservoir simulation, E... View Profile

Prof Divesh Bhatia

Associate Professor Automotive catalysis, Air pollution control, Monol... View Profile

Prof Vikram Singh

Associate Professor Colloids and Aerosols, Geothermal energy, Low Reyn... View Profile

Dr Hariprasad Kodamana

Associate Professor Machine learningGraphsOptimizationPredictive contr... View Profile

Prof Paresh P. Chokshi

Associate Professor Hydrodynamic stability, Theoretical/computational ... View Profile

Prof Gaurav Goel

Associate Professor Transport at Nanoscale, Structure -Property Solvop... View Profile

Prof Rousan Debbarma

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) 2D materials, Quantum Dots, Quantum Transport, Jos... View Profile


Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Manjesh Kumar

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Somnath Ghosh

Assistant Professor Microfluidics, Fluid mechanics, Functional colloid... View Profile


Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering... View Profile