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Dr Dambarudhar Shiba Sankar Hembram

Visiting Fellow Chemist by education and structural biologist by t... View Profile

Prof Ashok Kumar Srivastava

Professor (HAG) Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology, Fermentat... View Profile

Prof T R Sreekrishnan

Professor Wastewater Treatment and Waste Management, Waste E... View Profile

Prof Saroj Mishra

Professor Molecular biology and applications of hydrolytic e... View Profile

Prof Sunil Nath

Professor Bioseparation, Mechanism and Thermodynamics of ATP... View Profile

Prof Prashant Mishra

Professor Nanoparticle-based drug delivery and protein-based... View Profile

Prof Gopal P. Agarwal

Professor Bioprocess engineering of low value but high volum... View Profile

Prof Atul Narang

Professor Systems Biology of Microbial Gene Regulation, Appl... View Profile

Prof D. Sundar

Professor Bioinformatics, Computational Genomics, Genome Eng... View Profile

Prof Shilpi Sharma

Professor Plant-microbe interaction; Rhizospheric engineerin... View Profile

Prof Ravikrishnan Elangovan

Associate Professor Single Molecule Biophysics, Fluorescence spectrosc... View Profile

Prof Ritu Kulshreshtha

Associate Professor MicroRNAs in Cancer Biology,Cancer/Disease Biomark... View Profile

Prof Preeti Srivastava

Associate Professor Chromosome maintenance in bacteria, Plasmid replic... View Profile

Prof Shaikh Ziauddin Ahammad

Associate Professor Research Interests: Water and Wastewater Treatment... View Profile

Prof Ashish Misra

Assistant Professor Metabolic analyses and engineering... View Profile

Prof Rohan Jain

Assistant Professor Biological wastewater treatment, Adsorption, resou... View Profile

Prof Lucinda Elizabeth Doyle

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Ishaan Gupta

Assistant Professor Single-cell gene expression technology development... View Profile

Prof Madhuresh Sumit

Assistant Professor Integrating computational and experimental systems... View Profile