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Dr Shriram Hegde

System Manager ... View Profile

Prof Puneet Mahajan

Professor (HAG) Finite element methods, Composites and low-velocit... View Profile

Prof Sanjeev Sanghi

Professor (HAG) Applications of Theory of Dynamical Systems and Ch... View Profile

Prof P. V. Madhusudhan Rao

Professor (HAG) Mechanical Engineering, Product design and manufac... View Profile

Prof Santosh Kapuria

Professor (HAG) Structural Mechanics, Multifunctional Structures, ... View Profile

Prof Anupam Dewan

Professor (HAG) Mechanical Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynami... View Profile

Prof R.K. Pandey

Professor Corrosion and Fatique,Assessment of Residual Life ... View Profile

Prof S.N. Singh

Professor Fluid Mechanics, Internal Flows, Computational Flu... View Profile

Prof Suhail Ahmad

Professor Structural Dynamics, Off-shore Structures, Reliabi... View Profile

Prof S.V. Veeravalli

Professor Turbulent Dispersion and mixing in problems of eff... View Profile

Prof Rajesh Prasad

Professor Phase Transformations, Heat treatment, microstruc... View Profile

Prof Sitikantha Roy

Professor Soft materials, Mechanobiology, Structural mechani... View Profile

Prof Ajeet Kumar

Professor Solid Mechanics, Nanomechanics, Multiscale modelin... View Profile

Prof Sawan Suman Sinha

Professor Compressible turbulence, Theory and Modeling, Hype... View Profile

Prof Maloy Kumar Singha

Professor Civil (Structural Engineering), Stability, Dynamic... View Profile

Prof Badri Prasad Patel

Professor Solid Mechanics, Nonlinear computational mechanic... View Profile

Prof Pradyumna S

Professor Mechanics, Functionally Graded Materials, Structur... View Profile

Dr Khushboo Rakha

Post Doctoral Fellow ... View Profile

Prof Narinder Kumar Gupta

Distinguished Scientist Impact Mechanics... View Profile

Prof Murali Raman Cholemari

Associate Professor Fluid Mechanics, Turbulent Flows, Optical Flow Mea... View Profile

Prof Balaji Srinivasan

Associate Professor Numerical Analysis, Computational Fluid Mechanics,... View Profile

Prof Arghya Samanta

Associate Professor Fluid Mechanics, Hydrodynamic Stability... View Profile

Prof Amitabh Bhattacharya

Associate Professor Turbulence, Fluid Structure Interaction, Computati... View Profile

Prof Nikhil Walani

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Bio-mechanics, Cell Mechanics, Cosserat surfaces, ... View Profile

Prof Vikrant Tiwari

Assistant Professor Applied Mechanics, Impact Mechanics, Product & Sys... View Profile

Prof Arjun Sharma

Assistant Professor Fluid Mechanics... View Profile

Prof Sushma Santapuri

Assistant Professor Solid Mechanics... View Profile

Prof Vamsi K. Chalamalla

Assistant Professor Stratified Flows, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Oc... View Profile

Prof Souvik Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Deep learning, Digital twin, stochastic mechanics,... View Profile

Prof Narsing Kumar Jha

Assistant Professor Two-phase turbulence, Fluid-structure interaction,... View Profile

Prof Prapanch Nair

Assistant Professor Numerical methods for fluid flow and multiphysics,... View Profile

Prof Rajdip Nayek

Assistant Professor Inverse problems in dynamical systems, Bayesian in... View Profile

Prof Sabyasachi Chatterjee

Assistant Professor Dislocation Mechanics Plasticity... View Profile

Prof Prateek Gupta

Assistant Professor Fluid mechanics, compressible flows, thermoacousti... View Profile