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Prof Satyawati Sharma

Professor (HAG) Biomass Production and Rural Bioconversion Technol... View Profile

Prof Virendra Kumar Vijay

Professor (HAG) Biogas Production, power generation, upgradation. ... View Profile

Prof Rajendra Prasad

Professor Rural Energy Systems, Wood Burning Cookstoves, Tec... View Profile

Prof S. N. Naik

Professor Natural Products Extraction, Minor Forest produce,... View Profile

Prof Vivek Kumar

Professor Area of interest: Wastewater and water treatment, ... View Profile

Prof Anushree Malik

Professor Food & Environmental Biotechnology, Biological Pes... View Profile

Prof Vijayaraghavan M. Chariar

Professor Design for Sustainability Ecological Sanitation Su... View Profile

Prof Santosh Satya

Professor Food quality and safety, Bamboo technology, Botan... View Profile

Prof Satyanarayan Naik

Professor Extraction of Natural Plant Products (Essential o... View Profile

Dr Pooja Ghosh

Inspire Faculty Area of interest: Bio-remediation, Environmental T... View Profile

Prof Hariprasad P.

Associate Professor Agriculture and technology, Food security, Biopest... View Profile

Prof Jatindra Kumar Sahu

Associate Professor 3D food printing & future foods; Isolation & encap... View Profile

Prof Kavya Dashora

Associate Professor Dr. Kavya had stitched her career goals early in l... View Profile

Prof Priyanka Kaushal

Associate Professor Biomass to energy: Torrefaction, Pyrolysis, Gasifi... View Profile

Prof Ram Chandra

Assistant Professor Area of interest: Sustainable energy and enviro... View Profile

Prof Ajay Saini

Assistant Professor I have worked extensively in remote rural areas, e... View Profile