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Prof Neetu Singh

Professor Structure-activity relationships in design of biol... View Profile

Prof Sandeep Kumar Jha

Professor Fabrication of biosensors (optical, piezoelectric,... View Profile

Dr. DeepaK K K

Professor Autonomic Physiology, Biomedical Engineering, , Me... View Profile

Prof Veena Koul

Professor Medical Devices, Clinical Diagnostics, Medical Che... View Profile

Prof Sneh Anand

Professor Rehabilitation Engineering, Biomedical Transducers... View Profile

Prof Anup Singh

Associate Professor Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) methods/technique... View Profile

Prof Dinesh Kalyanasundaram

Associate Professor Product Design, Micromachining, Solid Mechanics ... View Profile

Prof Jayanta Bhattacharyya

Associate Professor Bio-materials, Nanoparticles, Genetically engineer... View Profile

Prof Aarat Pratyaksh Kalra

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Dr. Kalra's present interests lie in understanding... View Profile

Prof Priya Vashisth

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Biomedical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Pradipta Mukherjee

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Biomedical Optics, Optical Coherence Tomography, M... View Profile

Prof Naveen Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Biosensors/Medical device/Consulting... View Profile

Prof Biswarup Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Ultrasound imaging, Bioinstrumentation, Biomechatr... View Profile

Prof Sachin Kumar B

Assistant Professor Biomaterial, Tissue Engineering, Biomechanics of B... View Profile

Prof Deepak K Agrawal

Assistant Professor Computational tools, DNA nanotechnology, Data ass... View Profile

Prof Arnab Chanda

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Amit Mehndiratta

Assistant Professor Biomedical imaging, Image processing, Physiologica... View Profile

Prof Deepak Joshi

Assistant Professor "Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), Development of I... View Profile

Prof S.M.K. Rahman

Assistant Professor Computer architecture, embedded systems, microproc... View Profile

Prof Harpal Singh

Professor (HAG) Synthetic Polymers for Biomedical and Industrial A... View Profile