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Prof Somnath Baidya Roy

Professor Land-atmosphere interactions, Impacts of landscape... View Profile

Prof Krishna Mirle AchutaRao

Professor Climate, Climate modelling, Climate model validati... View Profile

Prof Saroj Kanta Mishra

Professor Climate change, Climate modelling, climate enginee... View Profile

Prof Sagnik Dey

Professor Aerosol-Cloud-Climate interaction, Air quality, Cl... View Profile

Prof Vimlesh Pant

Professor Physical oceanography, Ocean modeling, Atmospheric... View Profile

Prof Sharan Maithili

Professor Atmospheric Boundary Layer, Computational and Math... View Profile

Prof A. D. Rao

Professor Developing Numerical Models, Ocean state forecasti... View Profile

Prof Shahzad Gani

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Environmental Storytelling... View Profile

Prof Sarvesh Kumar Dubey

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Yama Dixit

Assistant Professor Proxy reconstruction and paleoclimate dynamics, Ch... View Profile

Prof Sajeev Philip

Assistant Professor Earth's climate and global surface air quality, Gl... View Profile

Prof Samiran Mandal

Assistant Professor With a background in Physical Oceanography, my res... View Profile

Prof Ravi Kumar Kunchala

Assistant Professor Area of interest: Atmospheric chemistry, transport... View Profile

Prof Sandeep Sahany

Assistant Professor Tropical Deep Convention, High frequency Rainfall ... View Profile

Prof Sandeep Sukumaran

Assistant Professor Area of interest: Climate modelling, Indian summer... View Profile

Prof Dilip Ganguly

Assistant Professor Aerosol-cloud-precipitation interaction, Cloud par... View Profile

Prof Manju Mohan

Professor (HAG) Boundary Layer Meteorology and Air Quality Modelli... View Profile

Prof Vikram Mehta

Visiting Professor Areas of Interest: Natural climate variability and... View Profile