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Prof Vikram Kumar

Professor Semiconductor materials and device physics and tec... View Profile

Prof Ananjan Basu

Professor Microwave and Millimeter-wave Engineering, Antenn... View Profile

Prof Samaresh Das

Professor Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics, Quantum trans... View Profile

Prof Pushparaj Singh

Associate Professor Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors and ... View Profile

Prof Prabhu Babu

Associate Professor Signal processing and communications, Machine lear... View Profile

Prof Monika Aggarwal

Associate Professor Signal Processing and Communications, Signal Proce... View Profile

Prof Mahesh P. Abegaonkar

Associate Professor Microwave Engineering, Antennas Microwave and Mill... View Profile

Prof Aakash Arora

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Optimization Algorithms; Statistical Signal Proces... View Profile

Dr Neel Kanth Kundu

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Neel Kanth Kundu is an Assistant Professor at the ... View Profile

Prof Vigyanshu Mishra

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Applied Electromagnetics with focus on:Bioelectrom... View Profile

Prof Kirill Klionovski

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Centre for Applied Research in Electronics... View Profile

Prof Ankur Gupta

Assistant Professor RF microelectronics, Nanotechnology and device cir... View Profile

Prof Rahul Mishra

Assistant Professor Magnetic RAM (MRAM) engineering, Spintronic/Magnet... View Profile

Prof Kirti Dhwaj

Assistant Professor Microwave filtering Antennas, Full-Duplexing Anten... View Profile

Prof Shiban Kishen Koul

Emeritus Professor RF MEMS, Microwave Engineering, Active Microwave C... View Profile

Prof Ulrich L. Rohde

Honorary Professor Microwave circuits, (Amplifiers, Oscillators and M... View Profile

Prof Rajendar Bahl

Emeritus Professor Sonar System Engineering, Sensor Signal Processing... View Profile

Prof Arun Kumar

Professor (HAG) Digital Signal Processing, Underwater Acoustics, A... View Profile

Vikram Kumar

Honorary Professor Prof. Vikram Kumar is well known in the area of se... View Profile