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Prof A. D. Gupta

Visiting Faculty Industrial engineering... View Profile

Prof Vrat P

Professor Area of interest: Industrial Engg. & Operation Res... View Profile

Prof Kshitij Gupta

Professor Mechanical Design, Rotor Dynamics, Composite Mater... View Profile

Prof J. P. Subrahmanyam

Professor Combustion Generated Pollution, Automobile enginee... View Profile

Prof Kiran Seth

Professor Applied Probability Models, Fuzzy Models... View Profile

Prof S. R. Kale

Professor Fluid Mechanics, Particle-laden Flows, Combustion ... View Profile

Prof Anoop Chawla

Professor Area of interest: CAD, CAE, Dynamics, Bio-Mechanic... View Profile

Prof Sunil Pandey

Professor Welding Technology, Process Engineering, Productio... View Profile

Prof M. R. Ravi

Professor Fluid Mechanics, I.C. Engines... View Profile

Prof S. K. Saha

Professor Area of interest: Multibody Dynamics, Robotics, De... View Profile

Prof Satinder Paul Singh

Professor Composite Materials, Machine Design, Active Vibrat... View Profile

Prof P.M.V. Subba Rao

Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Prof Sanjeev Jain

Professor Renewable energy, Heat Exchangers, Refrigeration a... View Profile

Prof Anjan Ray

Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Prof P.Venkateswara Rao

Professor Machining of Advanced Materials, Non-Traditional M... View Profile

Prof Sudipto Mukherjee

Professor Robotics, Kinematics, Dynamics, Mechanical System ... View Profile

Prof P. V. Madhusudhan Rao

Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Prof Naresh Bhatnagar

Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Prof D. Ravi Kumar

Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Prof Sangeeta Kohli

Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Prof S. G. Deshmukh

Professor Industrial Engineering, Supply Chain Management , ... View Profile

Prof R. K. Pandey

Professor Bearing lubrication, Tribological elements design,... View Profile

Prof Pulak Mohan Pandey

Professor Rapid Prototyping , Unconventional Machining, Fini... View Profile

Prof Ashish Kamalakar Darpe

Professor Machinery Health Monitoring, Rotor Dynamics, Vibra... View Profile

Prof Subodh Vasant Modak

Professor Vibration Engineering, Experimental Modal Analysis... View Profile

Prof Sivanandam Aravindan

Professor Ceramics, Composites, Welding, Nano-Manufacturing... View Profile

Prof Jayanta Kumar Dutt

Professor Rotor Dynamics, Vibration and Control... View Profile

Prof Prabal Talukdar

Professor Radiative heat transfer, Porous Media, Convective ... View Profile

Prof Sudarsan Ghosh

Professor Grinding of Ceramics and Superalloys, Machining of... View Profile

Prof Harish Hirani

Professor Bearings (Hydrodynamic, rolling element, and magne... View Profile

Prof Sujeet Kumar Sinha

Professor Nano-tribology, Bio-tribology, Polymer Tribology, ... View Profile

Prof Sunil Jha

Professor Advanced machining and Finshing Processses, Micro ... View Profile

Prof B. Premachandran

Professor Heat transfer, Computational Fluid Dynamics... View Profile

Prof Nomesh Bhojkumar Bolia

Professor Operations Research, Stochastic Modeling, Applicat... View Profile

Prof Priya Vashisth

Inspire Faculty Smart Functional Biomaterials (drug delivery and b... View Profile

Prof Dinesh Mohan

Honorary Professor human tolerance to injury, road safety and sustain... View Profile

Prof T. K. Kundra

Guest Faculty Concurrent Engineering, Vibration Design, CAD/CAM,... View Profile

Prof Amit Gupta

Associate Professor Energy Storage, Flapping Wing Aerodynamics, Microf... View Profile

Prof Subhra Datta

Associate Professor Micro-scale fluid mechanics, electrokinetics, micr... View Profile

Prof Naresh Varma Datla

Associate Professor Fracture, Adhesives, Composites, Biomechanics... View Profile

Prof Supreet Singh Bahga

Assistant Professor Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, Electrohydrodynami... View Profile

Prof Devendra Kumar Dubey

Assistant Professor Computational materials science, Molecular modelin... View Profile

Prof Jitendra Prasad Khatait

Assistant Professor Precision machine design, Flexures, Medical device... View Profile

Prof Mayank Kumar

Assistant Professor Multiphysics Simulations of Energy Conversion Syst... View Profile

Prof Debabrata Dasgupta

Assistant Professor Microfluidics and microscale transport processes,C... View Profile

Prof Bahni Ray

Assistant Professor Multiphase Flow, Physics of Fluids, Micro fluidics... View Profile

Prof Varun Ramamohan

Assistant Professor Probabilistic modeling, simulation and optimizatio... View Profile

Prof Rama Krishna K

Assistant Professor Kinematics and Mechanisms, Geometric Modeling for ... View Profile

Prof Krishna Kant Agrawal

Assistant Professor Turbulent Reacting flows, Gas turbines and IC engi... View Profile

Prof Kaushik Mukherjee

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Arnob Ghosh

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Shaurya Shriyam

Assistant Professor Data-driven optimization for problems in automatio... View Profile

Prof Suresh Anand

Adjunct Faculty Operations research, Manufacturing and marketing o... View Profile