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Prof Venkat Ram Reddy

Visiting Faculty Cognition, Dispositions, Emotions, Judgment and De... View Profile

Prof Harsh Vardhan Mishra

Visiting Faculty cross-national knowledge transfer, entrepreneurshi... View Profile

Prof Gautam Vinayshil

Professor Behaviour and development,Human resource developme... View Profile

Prof P K Jain

Professor Management Studies,Financial Management,Management... View Profile

Prof Devinder Banwet

Professor Project Management and Technology Management,Total... View Profile

Prof Ravi Shankar

Professor Decision Science, Sustainable Logistics and Suppl... View Profile

Prof Sushil .

Professor Business Administration, Entrepreneurial Economics... View Profile

Prof Kanika Tandon Bhal

Professor leadership, organization management, ethics, corpo... View Profile

Prof M.P. Gupta

Professor Information System Management, E-Commerce and E-go... View Profile

Prof Surendra Singh Yadav

Professor Corporate Finance, International Finance, Security... View Profile

Prof Seema Sharma

Professor Sustainable Development, Productivity and Efficien... View Profile

Prof Mahim Sagar

Professor Consumer Based and Community driven Marketing/Bran... View Profile

Dr Surya Prakash Singh

Professor Area of Interest: Operations Management, Manufactu... View Profile

Prof P. Vigneswara Ilavarasan

Professor Information and Communication Technologies and Dev... View Profile

Prof Ranjan Pal

Professor Area of interest: Management... View Profile

Prof Vinay Kumar

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Prof Bharat Ram Vinay

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Prof Harish Chaudhry

Associate Professor Marketing Management, Strategic Marketing, Rural M... View Profile

Prof Shveta Singh

Associate Professor Area of interest: Finance, Corporate governance et... View Profile

Prof Jitendra Madaan

Associate Professor Operation Mgt. Supply Chain Management, Industrial... View Profile

Prof Smita Kashiramka

Associate Professor Corporate Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions,... View Profile

Prof Arpan Kumar Kar

Associate Professor E-business, E-commerce, E-governance, M-commerce, ... View Profile

Prof Amlendu Kumar Dubey

Associate Professor Area of interest: Applied econometrics, financial ... View Profile

Prof Shuchi Sinha

Assistant Professor Human Resource Management, leadership, identity wo... View Profile

Prof Sanjay Dhir

Assistant Professor Strategic Management, Joint Ventures, Internationa... View Profile

Prof Neeru Chaudhry

Assistant Professor Corporate Finance, Employee and Executive Compensa... View Profile

Prof Agam Gupta

Assistant Professor Sharing economy, platform ecosystems, organization... View Profile

Prof Manish K. Singh

Assistant Professor Risk Management, International Finance, Financial ... View Profile

Prof Biswajita Parida

Assistant Professor Integrated Marketing Communication, Product and Br... View Profile

Prof Prasanna R

Assistant Professor Operations... View Profile

Prof Sonali Jain

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Gourav Dwivedi

Assistant Professor Supply Chain Management, Transportation or Logisti... View Profile

Prof Eri Ikeda

Assistant Professor Business cycles, Development, Macroeconomics, Glob... View Profile

Prof Sanjay Patro

Adjunct Faculty Area of interest: Marketing... View Profile

Prof Meenakshi Issar

Adjunct Faculty Area of Interest: Management of Technology, Global... View Profile

Prof Zach G. Zacharia

Adjunct Faculty ... View Profile

Prof Dennis F. Galletta

Adjunct Faculty ... View Profile

Prof Stan Kachnowski

Adjunct Faculty ... View Profile

Prof Jaijit Bhattacharya

Adjunct Faculty ... View Profile

Prof Sudhir K Jain

Adjunct Faculty Intellectual Property, Entrepreneurship Management... View Profile