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Dr. Bijendra Jain

Visiting Faculty Computer Network... View Profile

Prof Suresh Chand Gupta

Visiting Faculty Area of interest: Software Engineering, Databases,... View Profile

Prof Deepak Kapur

Professor Area of interest: Formal methods, program analysis... View Profile

Prof Umesh V. Vazirani

Professor Computer Science... View Profile

Prof S. Arun Kumar

Professor Semantics and Verification, Artificial Intelligenc... View Profile

Prof K.K. Biswas

Professor Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics, Data Str... View Profile

Prof Shyam Gupta

Professor Databases, Data Mining... View Profile

Prof Preeti Ranjan Panda

Professor Memory Optimization, Hardware/Software Co-design, ... View Profile

Prof Saroj Kaushik

Professor Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processi... View Profile

Prof Anshul Kumar

Professor VLSI, Computer Architecture... View Profile

Prof S. N. Maheshwari

Professor Area of interest: Algorithms, Parallel Processing,... View Profile

Prof M. Balakrishnan

Professor CAD for VLSI, Computer Architecture... View Profile

Prof Subhashis Banerjee

Professor Computer Vision, Real-time Systems, Robotics... View Profile

Prof Huzur Saran

Professor Computer Networks and Algorithms... View Profile

Prof Sandeep Sen

Professor Algorithms and Complexitywith focus onRandomized A... View Profile

Prof Naveen Garg

Professor Approximation Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimisati... View Profile

Prof Prem Kumar Kalra

Professor Area of interest: Computer Graphics, 3D Animation ... View Profile

Prof Amit Kumar

Professor combinatorial optimization, with emphasis on probl... View Profile

Prof Kolin Paul

Professor Heterogeneous Architectures, Adaptive Computing, H... View Profile

Prof Sanjiva Prasad

Professor Languages, Semantics, Verification... View Profile

Prof Subodh Kumar

Professor three dimensional interactive computer graphics... View Profile

Prof Rahul Garg

Professor Brain Imaging and Neuroscience of Yoga, Machine L... View Profile

Prof Subhash Bhalla

Guest Faculty Area of interest: New Query Languages for Web-user... View Profile

Prof Amitabha Bagchi

Associate Professor Data Algorithmics and Analytics, Probability and N... View Profile

Prof Vinay Joseph Ribeiro

Associate Professor Computer and Network Security, Internet of Things ... View Profile

Prof Sorav Bansal

Associate Professor Operating System, Compilers... View Profile

Prof Aaditeshwar Seth

Associate Professor Analysis and presentation of economic data,Low-cos... View Profile

Prof Ragesh Jaiswal

Associate Professor Algorithms, Complexity, Theoretical Cryptography, ... View Profile

Prof Smruti Ranjan Sarangi

Associate Professor Computer Architecture, Parallel Algorithms,Operati... View Profile

Prof Parag Singla

Associate Professor Statistical Relational Learning (SRL), Machine Lea... View Profile

Prof Mausam .

Associate Professor Sequential Decision Making under Uncertainty, AI A... View Profile

Prof S. Akshay

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Prof Srikanta Bedathur Jagannath

Associate Professor Large-scale graph data management, Influence Propa... View Profile

Prof Chetan Arora

Associate Professor Egocentric Vision and combinatorial optimization a... View Profile

Prof Maya Ramanath

Associate Professor database and information retrieval techniques for ... View Profile

Prof Shweta Agrawal

Assistant Professor Area of interest: Cryptography, Information Theor... View Profile

Prof Subodh Sharma

Assistant Professor Area of interest: Formal Methods, Program Analysis... View Profile

Prof Sayan Ranu

Assistant Professor span the broad area of data analytics with particu... View Profile

Prof Rijurekha Sen

Assistant Professor Area of interest: Mobile and embedded systems (har... View Profile

Prof Rahul Narain

Assistant Professor computer graphics and animation, particularly focu... View Profile

Prof Ashish Chiplunkar

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Soham Sundar Chakraborty

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Rohan Paul

Assistant Professor Human Robot Interaction, Language Grounding, Symbo... View Profile

Prof Rajeev Shorey

Adjunct Faculty Area of interest: Communication Networks,Data Anal... View Profile

Prof Manik Varma

Adjunct Faculty Area of interest: Machine Learning and Computer Vi... View Profile

Prof Yogish Sabharwal

Adjunct Faculty Area of interest: High Performance Computing Group... View Profile

Prof Gopalan Nadathur

Adjunct Faculty Programming Languages... View Profile

Prof Gautam Shroff

Adjunct Faculty Computer Science and Engineering... View Profile

Prof Anish Arora

Adjunct Faculty Dependable Distributed and Networked Systems... View Profile