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Dr M. Mallikharjuna Rao

System Architect ANN Control of Building Frames, MIS, System Admini... View Profile

Prof S.N. Sinha

Professor Civil Engineering... View Profile

Prof Manoj Datta

Professor Geotechnical Engineering, Soil Mechanics & Foundat... View Profile

Prof A.K. Gosain

Professor Watershed modelling using distributed models; Data... View Profile

Prof A.K. Nagpal

Professor Earthquake Engineering... View Profile

Prof B. Bhattacharjee

Professor Building science materials... View Profile

Prof N.K. Garg

Professor CAD... View Profile

Prof Ashok Gupta

Professor Area of interest: Areas of Interest: Structural En... View Profile

Prof Arvind Kumar Jain

Professor Structural Dynamics, Offshore Structures, Tall Str... View Profile

Prof Mukesh Khare

Professor Air and Vehicular Pollution Modelling, Indoor Air ... View Profile

Prof Shashi Mathur

Professor Groundwater flow... View Profile

Prof K.S. Rao

Professor Engineering Geology... View Profile

Prof G.S. Benipal

Professor Structures... View Profile

Prof A.K. Keshari

Professor Structral masonry... View Profile

Prof Rakesh Khosa

Professor Areas of Interest: Water Resources Systems, Stocha... View Profile

Prof A.K. Mittal

Professor Blosorptive Processes... View Profile

Prof Babu J. Alappat

Professor Solid Waste Management, Incineration, Circulating ... View Profile

Prof R. Ayothiraman

Professor Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Pile Fou... View Profile

Prof Arvind Kumar Nema

Professor Environmental Engineering, Modelling, Simulation a... View Profile

Prof Ramachandra Rao Kalaga

Professor Traffic Flow Modelling, Mass Transit Planning, and... View Profile

Prof Jagdish Telangrao Shahu

Professor Geotechnology for Roads and Railway Tracks, Numeri... View Profile

Prof Deo Raj Kaushal

Professor Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering, Fluid M... View Profile

Prof Bhagu Ram Chahar

Professor Seepage, Drainage, Canal Design... View Profile

Prof Suresh Bhalla

Professor smart structures, structural health monitoring, el... View Profile

Prof Geetam Tiwari

Professor Transport Planning and Policy, Traffic Safety, Pub... View Profile

Prof Venkata Ramana Gunturi

Professor Areas of Interest: Geoenvironmental Engineering, G... View Profile

Prof Alok Madan

Professor Structural Engineering, Nonlinear Structural Dynam... View Profile

Prof Kumar Neeraj Jha

Professor Construction Project Management, Project Success F... View Profile

Prof K. Chandrashekhar Iyer

Professor Financial Management, Project Risks, Legal Issues ... View Profile

Prof Vasant A. Matsagar

Professor Multi-Hazard Protection of Structures, Earthquake,... View Profile

Dr Ms. Vibha Sinha

Post Doctoral Fellow ... View Profile

Prof Tushar Kanti Datta

Emeritus Professor Offshore Structures,Earthcake Engineering... View Profile

Prof K.G. Sharma

Emeritus Professor Constitutive Modelling... View Profile

Prof K.K. Gupta

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Prof S.K. Deb

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Prof Dipti Ranjan Sahoo

Associate Professor Hybrid testing and seismic simulation, Seismic Beh... View Profile

Prof Tanusree Chakraborty

Associate Professor Blast and Impact Engineering, Energy Geotechnical... View Profile

Prof Dhanya C. T.

Associate Professor Hydroclimatological Modelling, Nonlinear Dynamics ... View Profile

Prof J. Uma Maheswari

Associate Professor Design Management, Matrix-based Design Techniques,... View Profile

Prof Gazala Habib

Associate Professor Aerosol Monitoring Characterisation and Modelling,... View Profile

Prof Bishnoi Shashank

Associate Professor Areas of Interest: Experimental and Numerical Stud... View Profile

Prof Arun Kumar

Associate Professor Areas of Interest: Human Health Risk Assessment, N... View Profile

Prof Manna Bappaditya

Associate Professor Areas of Interest: Dynamic Soil-Pile Interaction, ... View Profile

Prof A.K. Swamy

Associate Professor Areas of Interest: Modelling Behaviour of Asphalti... View Profile

Prof Arya V

Assistant Professor Biological Wastewater Treatment, Physico Chemical ... View Profile

Prof Supratic Gupta

Assistant Professor Concrete Mechanics, Self-Compacting Concrete, Cons... View Profile

Prof Sumedha Chakma

Assistant Professor Settlement in Landfills, Gas Generation from Landf... View Profile

Prof Manoj M

Assistant Professor Transportation planning,Activity/Travel demand mod... View Profile

Prof Nezamuddin N

Assistant Professor Transportation Network Analysis,Transportation Log... View Profile

Prof N M Anoop Krishnan

Assistant Professor Atomistic and Multiscale Simulations of Constructi... View Profile

Prof Sri Harsha Kota

Assistant Professor Transformation and Chemical Mechanisms of Air Poll... View Profile

Prof Vangla Prashanth

Assistant Professor Areas of Interest: Interface Behavior of Particula... View Profile

Prof Arnab Banerjee

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Sahil Bansal

Assistant Professor ... View Profile